VP, Consumer/SMB Credit

Job Title
Vice President, Consumer/Small Business Credit

WebBank (the "Bank") is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah and is an FDIC insured, Utah state chartered bank. WebBank is a leading national provider of online consumer and small business loans made in partnership with finance companies, OEMs, retailers and financial technology companies.

Position Summary
WebBank Corporation seeks a Vice President, Consumer/Small-Medium Business Credit in New York City.

Support all credit-related strategic initiatives undertaken in the form of consumer and small business retention and acquisition underwriting, credit risk assessment of external existing portfolio purchases, due diligence on new strategic partners, model risk management, credit policy assessment, and portfolio risk management of Bank's portfolio.
  1. Develop and implement statistical machine learning-based quantitative models for application in underwriting strategies, loss forecasting, and capital calculations (10%).
  2. Develop and drive analysis of portfolio health through modeling as well as valuation techniques to drive best investment decisions (15%).
  3. Participate in Bank Loan Committee meetings and provide insight and independent thought around validity and impact of various proposed credit policy changes (5%).
  4. Develop key working relationships with Risk Officers at the Bank's Strategic Partners and leverage these relationships to gain a thorough understanding of the Partners risk management and credit framework (5%).
  5. Set-up a daily and/or monthly data transfer process to ensure that the Bank is receiving relevant performance and portfolio information in a timely manner (3%).
  6. Create monthly and quarterly reporting, reviews and deep dives to provide performance insights and trend analysis on key metrics.  Leverage this tracking to perform the Bank's internal due diligence on expected risk reward characteristics of key partner portfolios (15%).
  7. Create and present any underwriting memorandum associated with new or expansion in asset participation opportunities.  If consummated, track and monitor each participation and take appropriate steps to protect the Bank's economic interests through an economic cycle (5%).
  8. Work with the Business Development team and support all analytics around contract negotiations if they involve retention of economic risk by the Bank (5%).
  9. Develop and manage loan loss reserves framework for consumer and small business lending portfolios (5%).
  10. Develop economic response models to gauge health of economy and gauge potential impact to consumer and SMB lending industry (5%).
  11. Assess the model governance practice at various industry-leading Fintech lending partners and retail partners associated with the Bank (2%).
  12. Provide feedback to model methodologies, outputs, and processes utilized by industry-leading Fintech lending partner and retail partners associated with the Bank (5%).
  13. Understand technical issues in statistical modeling and apply these skills toward assessing model risks and opportunities (5%).
  14. Develop alternative model/challenger model approaches to assess model design and advance future capabilities, review and assess model validation plans and processes (5%).
  15. Communicate clearly and concisely both verbally and through written communication via model documentation, validation reports, and presentations (5%).
  16. Complete all mandatory compliance training within prescribed timeframes (2%).
  17. Such other related duties and responsibilities as assigned (3%).
Approximately once per moth to Salt Lake City, UT  for approximately 3 - 5 days.

  1. Bachelor's degree in Statistics, Economics, Mathematics, Engineering (Finanical, Industrial, Mechanical, Electrical), Operations Research, Physics, Computer Science, or closely related field.
  2. No less than 5 years of experience [acceptable job titles: VP, Consumer/SMB Credit, Consultant, Senior Consultant, VP, Credit Risk Modeling & Scoring and Industrial Trainee Intern.
  3. Demonstrated experience in jobs that involve quantitative analysis, statistical modeling, and/or data analytics.
  4. Demonstrable working knowledge and understanding of: a) quantitative analysis; b) statistical modeling; c) data analytics; d) consumer lending-based modeling; e) acquisition underwriting; f) exposure management; g) stress testing; h) portfolio management; i) model risk management regulations such as SR 11-7/ OCC 11-12; and j) machine learning techniques such as GBM, Random Forest and ensembles of multiple-nested regression techniques.
  5. Demonstrated ability to: a) develop statistical models and model documentation; and b) develop robust monitoring reports for overall portfolio risk management, portfolio programs, and model validation.
  6. Demonstrable proficiency with statistical and data software languages and packages including SAS, R, Knowledge Seeker, MS Excel, VBA, and E Miner.
Send resumes to:  WebBank Corporation via email Mailto: clark.watson@webbank.com