Assistant Program Manager

Job Title:
Strategic Partner Group - Assistant Program Manager ("Assistant PM").
Salt Lake City, UT
WebBank (the "Bank") is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is an FDIC-insured, state-chartered industrial bank that provides customized consumer and commercial financing solutions on a nationwide basis.
Strategic Partnership Group
The Bank, under the management of the Bank's Strategic Partnership Group ("SP Group"), is a leading provider of closed-end and revolving private-label (closed-loop network) or bank card i.e. MasterCard) programs ("Strategic Partner Programs"). 
Operating in cooperation with third-party vendor relationships ("Strategic Partners"), the Bank originates and funds a variety of consumer and commercial (small to medium-size business) private label (closed-loop network) or bank card (i.e. MasterCard) programs ("Strategic Partner Programs")
Job Summary
The Assistant PM reports directly to the VP of SP Management and will assist and support the assigned Program Manager ("PM") in the management of the day-to-day oversight and supervision of a designated Strategic Partner and Strategic Partner Program.  This includes, but is not limited to, overseeing the Strategic Partner's ongoing marketing of product offerings, credit programs, servicing operations, compliance management system, finance/settlement processes, program policies and procedures, account management practices, vendor management, and technology.
The Assistant PM interacts primarily with the assigned PM and is supported by each respective department within the Bank, as well as by third-party resources (i.e. compliance consultants, outside counsel) that are required for ongoing oversight, reviews, and monitoring of the Strategic Partner Programs.  Each Strategic Partner Program is assigned a dedicated Compliance Manager.  The Assistant PM, in support of the PM, will work closely with the Compliance Manager and the Compliance Department on all regulatory-related aspects of the respective Strategic Partner Program.
  • The Program Manager is the primary point of contact for each assigned Strategic Partner in order to manage the ongoing oversight and supervision of their respective Strategic Partner Programs from a holistic perspective.
  • Perform periodic risk-based targeted and annual site visits to review and audit the Strategic Partners adherence to the Program Agreement and applicable regulations. Interact daily with the assigned Compliance Manager and each respective department within the Bank or third-party resource that is required for ongoing oversight, program and product testing, reviews, and monitoring of assigned Strategic Partners.
  • Evaluate product-level performance and tracking reports supplied by the Strategic Partner on a monthly basis. Produce monthly summary reporting for each Strategic Partner and distribute to the SP Executive Management Team utilizing the Strategic Partner Operations Support function.
  • Manage the review and approval of program material and documentation such as policies, procedures and processes.
  • Maintain and manage to the Strategic Partner Management Log for each respective Strategic Partner to track the resolution of issues, opportunities for improvement, and best practice enhancements. The Management Log will include KPIs as derived from the Strategic Partner Program Agreements.
  • Maintain the Oversight Tracking Log, which summarizes and tracks material oversight items for each respective Strategic Partner Program, on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Interact with the Banks Credit Department to manage all aspects of the Strategic Partners credit program, including initial and ongoing review and approval of credit policies, scorecards, account management strategies, and the overall underwriting process.
  • Support the Banks Credit Department to conclude the monthly or quarterly financial review and dashboard of the Program Managers respective Strategic Partner for submission to the Banks Loan Committee.
  • Work with Outside Counsel to review and approve all required Strategic Partner Program material.
  • Support the engagement of any independent third party specialist utilized by the Bank or Strategic Partner to review or audit such areas as compliance or operations.
  • Interact with the Banks VP of Compliance and the Strategic Partner to manage the resolution and reporting of customer complaints.
  • The Program Manager is responsible for scheduling the site visits, preparing the site visit agendas, managing the site visits, drafting the Site Visit Reports (in collaboration with other Bank employees who attend the site visit), reporting any management findings or recommendations, and entering such findings or recommendations on the Strategic Partners tab of the SP Management Log.
  • Site Visit Reports are to be completed and presented to the Loan Committee for review and approval within the required timeframe.
  • Attend Loan Committee meetings to present credit policy reviews and change requests, third party audit and review reports, annual and targeted site visit reports, and annual risk assessments.
  • Support the drafting of credit approval memorandums for any amendment, extension, or renewal to an existing Strategic Partner Program Agreement of assigned Strategic Partner Programs.
  • Attend Audit Coordinating Committee to participate in third-party audit reviews of assigned Strategic Partner Programs.
  • Support Bank management during regulatory exams or internal audits.
  • Support the Business Development and Due Diligence/Implementation team with the on-boarding of new Strategic Partners as assigned.
  • Attend industry-related conferences and meetings and stay involved in ongoing training and educational opportunities to ensure relevant skills are maintained.
Position Requirements
  • Bachelors degree and a minimum of 5 years of consumer and/or commercial financing experience primarily focused on operations of consumer and commercial private-label or bank card products. Similar experience with a bank card processor is a plus.
  • Good people-management and interpersonal skills including the ability to work well in a team or on an individual basis.
  • Experience dealing with regulators (FDIC, Utah Department of Financial Institutions) is highly desired.
  • Strong knowledge of the current banking regulatory environment is required.
  • Excellent ability to analyze complex issues and identify suitable solutions.
  • This position requires travel to client locations equivalent to 25 35% of time.
  • Ability to interface effectively with other departments and operate in a fast paced environment with minimum supervision.
  • Ability to recognize and focus on critical issues. Flexibility to balance and respond to competing needs within the organization.
  • Willing to work flexible schedule.
  • Willing to stay after hours to finish special projects.
  • Assertive self-starter, with exceptional professional verbal/written skills, who is highly organized and able to work independently to finish assigned projects.
  • Solid working knowledge of various computer systems, software and changing technology.
  • Attention to detail, with the ability to plan strategically and execute tenaciously.
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