Due Diligence Analyst

Job Title

Due Diligence Analyst - Strategic Partnerships ("Analyst")

The Company

WebBank (the "Bank) is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah and is an FDIC insured, Utah state chartered bank. WebBank is a leading national provider of online consumer and small business loans made in partnership with finance companies, OEMs, retailers and financial technology companies.

Position Summary

The Analyst will assist with the overall due diligence process and support the management/execution of the transaction. The Analyst reports to the Vice President of Due Diligence and Implementation ("VP DD&I) and is responsible for assisting the VP DD&I in the management of in-depth due diligence of new SP's and Strategic Partner Programs, new products with existing SPs, and process optimization and redesign. Additionally, the Analyst will be a primary relationship manager with Visa and MasterCard related to Bin# management, Program management, and data processes and design.  The Analyst shall be a point of contact for each prospective partner through program launch.  The Analyst interacts with, and is supported by each respective department within the Bank and third-party resources (e.g. outside counsel, independent third-party specialists) that are required to complete the due diligence process.

Primary Responsibilities

Position Requirements 

If you would like to apply for this position,  please send your resume to:  resume@webbank.com