Credit Analyst - SSLP

Job Title
Credit Analyst - Senior Secured Loan Participations (SSLP)

WebBank (the "Bank") is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah and is an FDIC insured, Utah state charter bank.  WebBank is a leading national provider of online consumer and small business loans made in partnership with finance companies, OEMs, retailers and financial technology companies.

Position Summary
WebBank Corporation seeks a Credit Analyst-Senior Secured Loan Participations (SSLP) in New York City.

Primarily responsible for the underwriting and monitoring of assigned loans/credits, primarily through the review of financial statements, borrower-prepared materials, company-specific research news, and industry-specific research and news.
  1. Responsible for the underwriting of commercial credits including selection of borrowers, diligence of borrowers, preparation of underwriting memoranda, and presentation of credits to the Bank's Loan Committee (50%).
  2. Responsible for the ongoing loan monitoring and review including: Assess loan risk and maintain loan risk grades, review borrower's quantitative and qualitative performance, prepare and present borrower updates to the Bank's Loan Committee (25%).
  3. Maintain loan documentation consisting of storing and monitoring loan and transaction documentation to ensure completeness and organization (10%).
  4. Review and disseminate market-based information related to the syndicated commercial leveraged loan market (10%).
  5. Such other related duties and responsibilities as assigned (5%).
  1. Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Finance, Management, Business Administration, or a closely related field.
  2. No less that 5 years of experience [acceptable job titles: Credit Analyst, Financial Analyst, and related occupations].
  3. Demonstrated experience in jobs in the loan syndication market or commercial banking.
  4. Demonstrable working knowledge and understanding of: a) financial statement analysis; b) underwriting of commercial or industrial loans; and c) company valuation.
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